It’s taken many months but the transformation of our back room to a cosy meeting space is complete!

Thanks to funding from ASDA, The Dulverton Trust and donations from our students we have a space perfect for workshops, meetings and get-togethers. Located in the centre of Leamington Spa our Harmony Hub offers a calm atmosphere for creativity and collaboration. With room for around 8 people it’s ideal space for intimate gatherings where ideas flow freely and connections flourish.

Whether you’re planning a team brainstorming session or a book club meeting, our Harmony Hub provides a versatile environment to suit your needs. From comfortable seating to ample natural light and a kitchenette for coffee breaks and networking chats!

Connect with like-minded people in our vibrant community. Share ideas, exchange insights and build meaningful relationships in a space designed to inspire collaboration and growth.

Find out more at Harmony Hub details and rates

Contact us today to book our Harmony Hub and embark on a journey of creativity, connection, and community.  #HarmonyHub #EventSpace #CommunityFirst