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We teach yoga to students of all ages and abilities with the aim of improving mental and physical health and overall wellbeing.


Warwickshire Iyengar Yoga

Warwickshire Iyengar Yoga CIC is a registered, not-for-profit social enterprise founded by Iyengar yoga teachers in Leamington and Warwick. We teach yoga to students of all ages and abilities with the aim of improving mental and physical health and overall wellbeing.

We offer safe and mindful teaching by highly trained, committed and experienced teachers. BKS Iyengar’s method was developed so that everyone, no matter their stiffness, injuries, medical condition or age, can benefit from each pose. Careful sequencing helps students improve their stamina, flexibility, muscle tone and mental focus. At the end of a class you should feel you have had a complete body workout and many students report a sense of mental relaxation and clarity.

Although we take yoga seriously it’s important to us that our classes are enjoyable and fun – laughter is the best medicine, after all.

Improved muscle tone

Muscle strength and physical stamina is improved and increase with practice. All the muscle groups are involved and postures such as twists massage and tone the internal organs too. Many say their performance in other physical activities improves.

Increased flexibility

Poses stretch and mobilise all the major and minor joints. Greater flexibility reduces aches and pains, enhances quality of life and contributes significantly to a more active and enjoyable older age.

Better posture

Good posture allows the major organs in the chest and abdomen to work more effectively which improves the quality of breath. It also reduces neck, back and shoulder pain, improves overall health and increases self-confidence and a feeling of optimism.

improved immunity

Each Iyengar yoga class is structured to work all ten systems of the body: circulatory, digestive, excretory, hormonal, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, respiratory, reproductive and skeletal. The poses help to detoxify the body and the lowering of stress hormones creates a calming effect that lowers susceptibility to infection.

Fewer injuries

The variety of movements practised in yoga strengthens muscles and prevents them from being injured via pull or strain. Many report that improvements in flexibility and muscle tone reduce injury and that any injuries that occur recover more quickly.

Reduced anxiety

Iyengar yoga classes are safe yet challenging. The mental focus required to perfect the detail of the poses is absorbing and a relief from the pressures of life. Students often report a sense of clarity and/or objectivity that brings about a feeling of equilibrium and resilience that helps to decrease feelings of stress.

What We Do

We’re so excited to share a short film made by local communications agency Chilli Mint.
They made it free of charge to help promote us as a local non-profit organization.
We’re delighted with the result and we hope you enjoy it, too.
Thank you to all the volunteers but especially to those who gave such wonderful testimonials.

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Our Funders

We are very grateful to the organisations below for their help in funding Falls Prevention classes, yoga equipment and renovating our facilities.

Our Supporters

We are also very grateful for the contributions provided by our supporters.


Happy clients


The warm welcome and the sense of community are truly special. Each class has been a source of peace, strength, and personal growth for me. I feel blessed to have been part of such a supportive and loving environment. 

Nivona S

Iyengar Yoga is a sanctuary and source of relief from the everyday pressures of struggling to thrive in a busy metropolis. It soon evolved into a physical and philosophical foundation for all areas of life, providing me with mental clarity, emotional stability and suppleness and strength that I could never have imagined.


I started yoga to try and keep some flexibility. It has given me so much more than that. The best thing about yoga is how you feel after doing it when you didn’t feel like doing it!


Yoga with Sarah is a joy! She is patient and kind, always willing to answer my questions and gently challenging my fears, helping me to know and understand my body and find my balance within.


I returned to yoga after an operation. I felt very safe in the teacher’s knowledgeable and kind hands. I was anxious but the teacher listened, reassured me and responded to my body and mind’s needs. It has been a healing and restorative experience which has been invaluable. I have renewed confidence in myself.

Sophia H

I have been going to Iyengar classes now for 7 years and they are great. We work hard … but we also have a laugh. The teacher is brilliant if you have an injury and is intuitive and inventive in getting the stiffest body into asanas. I always feel uplifted at the end of class.


I developed backache in my mid-40s. I’d been doing various yoga classes but they weren’t enjoyable and didn’t help. Since discovering Iyengar Yoga my aches and pains have gone and ten years on I have more flexibility, stamina and strength than I had in my 30s.


Coming towards the end of my rugby and athletic life, I decided to try Iyengar yoga. I soon realised how beneficial it would have been for my rugby if I had started much earlier. I really appreciate the quality of the teaching and the structured approach. Now, at the age of 85, I still enjoy my classes and daily practice.


I started yoga to strengthen my dodgy back in pregnancy. Now in my late 60’s I have sustained mobility, flexibility and energy and am calmer and more patient. I have attended classes with many of the Warwickshire Iyengar Yoga teachers. While their individual styles of teaching vary, their thorough understanding of human physiology, commitment to consistency and precision and abundant enthusiasm have been a constant inspiration.


Iyengar yoga has improved my running speed and reduced pain in my legs and it’s also had a positive effect on my mental health. I have small children and a demanding job but when I do yoga the worries melt away. At the end of the session I feel rejuvenated and ready to face the world again.


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